eLearning Agreement


After an arrangement has been made between the Client(s) and The Study Room, Trainers are recruited through The Study Room channels and shall not be eligible to be messaged and booked directly by the Client(s). The Trainer agrees to the placement terms and does not accept any payment from the Client.


This Agreement shall commence upon the earlier of the first date on which The Study Room performed services or the date set forth next to the signatures of the Parties, or such other effective date as agreed to by the Parties. To the extent that any work is performed based upon an initial verbal understanding, and that an eventual definitive written agreement is not executed, The Study Room is entitled to compensation for its work based upon the lesson rates set forth herein.

Trial Lesson

The Client(s) is entitled to one trial lesson. In the event of an unsuccessful trial lesson, the Client(s) may change the Trainer. If the Client chooses to discontinue the package, the trial lesson will not be charged.  After a successful trial lesson, the trial lesson will be counted towards the lesson package and lessons shall continue. The Study Room will accommodate a total of two trial lessons (different trainers).


The Study Room Trainers conduct the lessons under the Client’s supervision to ensure safety. The safety of Students remains the Client(s) responsibility and the Client(s) shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Trainer and The Study Room against all losses, damages, liabilities, deficiencies, actions, judgements, interest, awards, penalties, fines, costs, or expenses of whatever kind (including reasonable legal fees). 


5.1 The primary communication is between the Client and The Study Room and The Study Room and Trainer. However, there are times when it is more efficient and beneficial for the Client  and Trainer to communicate directly. The Study Room email communication should be used at all times. The Client and Trainer may communicate directly as long as The Study Room is always in CC and this communication will be used for any future conflict and queries. E-mails between Trainers and the Client(s) are always complementary. 

5.2 From time to time the Client(s) may request that Trainers or The Study Room meet with teachers, school administrators or other support personnel. These meetings will occur via eLearning platforms and the Client(s) will be charged at Case Coach Rates.

5.3 The Client(s) may also request Trainers to spend extra time grading material, designing assessments or building specialized curriculum. These types of activities are billed at Case Coach Rates.

6. Cancellation

6.1 When The Study Room must cancel a lesson for any reason including a Trainer’s illness or other unavailability, the Client will be notified at least 2 hours in advance and offered a make-up lesson, scheduled at the convenience of the Client and the Trainer.  If the Trainer is unable to give the client 2 hours notice, the Trainer shall provide a make up class as well as an additional 50% of the lesson duration. If the required 2 hours notice is given, the Trainer will provide a make up class at a time convenient to the Client. 

6.2 If the Client wishes to cancel a lesson, the Client(s) should notify The Study Room at least 2 hours in advance and will be offered a make-up lesson, scheduled at the convenience of the Client and the Trainer. If the Client(s) is unable to give The Study Room 2 hours notice, for any reason whatsoever, the lesson scheduled will be regarded as a missed lesson and may not be rescheduled.

6.3 In the event that either party needs to cancel the package, they should notify The Study Room with at least 24 hours notice, who will in turn notify the other Party immediately. If a Trainer cancelled, The Study Room will find a suitable Trainer for a trial lesson within 72 hours and any lessons missed during this time, will be made up. If the Client cancels the package, The Client may transfer the lessons to a family member or friend (not enrolled with The Study Room) but the lessons cannot be refunded under any circumstances. 

6.4 In the event that during a package, the Client requests a change in Trainer, this can be arranged upon Manager’s approval with no trial lesson. 

6.5 In the event of an unforeseen circumstance and the Client(s) needs to freeze lessons for longer than one week, it is not guaranteed that the timings and the Trainer will be available on the Client’s return. In this instance, the Client will need to trial and place a replacement Trainer. 

Late Show

If a Student logs in  late for a scheduled lesson, it is likely that the lesson will not be extended. However, any extension will be at the sole discretion of the Trainer. In both cases, time lost will be forfeited and the Trainer will not be responsible for the recovery of the time.


The Trainer and Client understand that in performing the eLearning services, he or she will receive certain private information. The Client and Trainer shall not publish or disclose any confidential information. The Trainer and Client further agrees not to engage in any activity which violates privacy, including taking unauthorized photographs or making unauthorized audio or video recordings of a Client and Trainer, their home or personal belongings. 


Lessons are scheduled between the Client and The Study Room and agreed to by the Trainer before commencement. All communication related to scheduling, throughout the assignment, should be between the Client and The Study Room and The Study Room and the Trainer.

Long Term Hire

10.1 If, before the first Assignment, during the course of the Assignment or at any stage after the Assignment, the Client wishes to employ the Trainer directly and the Trainer agrees for the same, the Client will be charged a sum of 4,500 Dhs. 

10.2 By signing this Agreement, the Client agrees that he/she will not solicit any Trainer of The Study Room to perform the same or similar services outside of The Study Room. The Client(s) agrees that in doing so, The Study Room can immediately terminate this Agreement, retain any fees and deposits the Client has paid and pursue all other legal remedies it has.


Invoices are generated before the trial lesson. Invoices  need to be settled after the successful trial lesson and before the commencement of any further lessons.