About Us

Kim Gerber
Kim Gerber, Co-founder and Manager of The Study Room

We are delighted you have chosen to visit our website. Welcome! The Study Room is a learning center based in Dubai. We opened our first Study Room in Dubai Sports City in April 2016. We are two ladies who had the idea to open a learning center that could cater to the needs of all students.

The Study Room’s mission is to develop, nurture and extend academic and life skills for students of all ages and abilities by providing the tools for successful life long learning.

Our vision is to be a leading provider of world-renowned programs regionally and globally, offering hands-on, engaging and innovative skills development programs that improve skills and build confidence and enjoyment of learning. 

Through the assessment of  each student’s individual needs we are able to target and adjust our program to suit each learner. We carefully organize an individual educational learning plan in terms of age, ability, need and learning style.

The purpose of The Study Room is to provide ongoing assessment in order to continually adjust milestones and target students exact needs. The Study Room doesn’t follow any specific curriculum but has rather chosen to offer a range of programs in order to target each student’s specific needs. We cater to students of all abilities, whether it be intervention or extension.

The purpose of our learning environment is to inspire and encourage students to attend The Study Room sessions and experience lessons designed to suit each learning style. We genuinely care about each child’s emotional needs and are committed to working together with parents and teachers in order to achieve the best results in learning. Ultimately our purpose is to improve each child’s skills, confidence and enjoyment in learning. 

As a learning center, The Study Room values:

  • Individual learning strategies
  • Individuals as capable and able learners.
  • A learning environment that is safe, stable and inviting.
  • Collaboration as a critical tool for learner progress.
  • A growth mindset that encourages confidence and enjoyment of learning.

Kim & Gwen