The Study Room is a KHDA licensed, skills development and language training center. The Study Room aims to bring improvement in student’s academics through our eLearning Skills Development Services. The Study Room provides eLearning services in the following areas;

Scheduled hourly lessons during the week. These are regarded as “Tutoring” and support what the student is doing at school. The Client chooses a specific area and The Study Room matches a Trainer with experience and training in that specific area. Our Trainers are specialists in Elementary school subjects or Senior school subjects. The Lesson materials are provided by the Client, received from the school. The scope of this support is designed for those students who are finding it difficult to keep up with their peers or understand what is being taught at school and may need additional support. It is also for students who require extension work. In this case, course work is provided by the Client. These lessons are billed per hour. 

This area of support is for children who are not enrolled in a school curriculum and require The Study Room to take responsibility for the learning. Special arrangements will be made with Client(s) engaging The Study Room in the provision of semester work or other customized programs that require additional or ongoing preparation and evaluation. The Study Room will be responsible for designing lessons, materials, resources, outcomes etc. These lessons are billed per hour and are regarded as “Skills Development”.

In this case, the child is enrolled in a school. However, The Study Room Trainer would resume responsibility for the students’ learning and wellbeing. This would include regular (daily) check-in’s, including any home learning tasks, guiding the learning process, answering any questions, preparation for tests, communicating with teachers, etc. The scope of this support is designed for those families with two working parents, families with more than one child or for those families who are simply finding it a challenge to cope with school e learning. These lessons are regarded as “Case Coaching”. The schedule is designed on a case by case basis, in consultation with The Study Room manager. 

It is important for the Client to know that The Study Room services can’t replace the school curriculum. In the event that a Client has removed their child from school for this final term of school, they won’t receive a transcript from school and will be required by the KHDA to repeat the school year (those children below Grade 1 are exempt from this). The Study Room however, can provide a KHDA attested certificate as evidence of any eLearning completed through The Study Room. In this case, the certificate will individually name any of the 11 approved Study Room courses. It is important for the Client to discuss their intentions with The Study Room before commencement.