The STUDY ROOM recognises the busy schedule of our Study Room families and in an effort to provide additional support outside of school hours, we are offering sunrise reading lessons. Morning lessons are from 6:30am – 7:20am. Students arrive ready to kick start their day at The STUDY ROOM with Rainbow Reading!

Very young children start to identify letters and sound them out and as they grow older, they learn to identify common words, and then start to read on their own. From a child’s very first steps, we aim to instil in them a love and passion for reading. Learning how to read opens up limitless opportunities for children, giving them an entirely new way to communicate, to expand their imagination, and to acquire new information. Moreover, if children learn to enjoy reading, they will further develop skills on their own and not see it as a chore or difficult task to avoid.

To achieve this, THE STUDY ROOM has chosen to use the Rainbow Reading Programme. 

At THE STUDY ROOM, our literacy environment is supportive and student-centered. We gauge a child’s receptivity to reading and respond appropriately with leveled activities. Children are in small groups of up to four. Each child works on books and activities set at their instructional reading level. We aim to motivate children to be interested in reading, while their enthusiasm is kept as genuine as possible.

The Rainbow Reading Program has been designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of struggling readers and students learning English. However, because of the wide range of high-interest stories and articles included in the collection, the program is of interest and benefit to all students.