Safeguarding and eLearning

Guidelines will be updated as new information becomes available. 

At The Study Room we only use the following eLearning tools;

  • Email 
  • Screencastify 
  • Google Classroom 
  • Zoom
  • YouTube
  • Reportcard

Students Should:

  • Have access to a reliable internet connected computer or iPad
  • Have a responsible adult to assist in getting connected, depending on the child’s age. 
  • Have a dedicated place to focus on their learning
  • Be on time for the lesson with devices sufficiently charged and stationary available
  • Use the washroom before the lesson and have a water bottle at hand
  • Be conservatively and neatly dressed
  • Ensure their background is neutral and doesn’t include anything which might offend 
  • Make themselves familiar with the settings of the eLearning tools used by The Study Room
  • Be in an environment free of background noises and distractions including pets and siblings
  • Have mobile devices on silent and out of sight

Parents should not join a student’s Zoom lesson. Parents should contact the Trainer or The Study Room using the correct channels of communication, to discuss any matters.