Kim is the co-founder and manager of THE STUDY ROOM. She has been teaching for fifteen years and internationally for ten of those fifteen years. Kim has experience in teaching students with learning difficulties as well as those students who are gifted and talented. Her experience lies in teaching students from 4 years old to 12 years old.
Kim’s passion lies in identifying individual’s strengths and weaknesses and fostering the development of the child holistically. She believes that difficulties in learning are not isolated and that a child’s academic success is dependent on physical, social and emotional well being. It is for this reason that THE STUDY ROOM has chosen a differentiated and specialised approach to learning. Unlike the franchise centres in Dubai, THE STUDY ROOM tailor-makes each child’s program using a variety of resources, allowing for the program to be adjusted at any stage to suit a child’s needs. 

Gwen is the co-founder of THE STUDY ROOM and a mother of four. She has a 15 year old daughter with Downs Syndrome and is passionate about education and the well being of children, especially those with learning difficulties. Gwen has been involved in educational workshops and seminars for the past twelve years and offers invaluable first hand experience to THE STUDY ROOM. Gwen and Kim’s relationship was formed in 2011 when Gwen’s daughter was in Kim’s 2nd grade class. They enjoyed working together to tailor make her school program and constantly met to discuss adjustments to the program and their teaching pedagogy. It was then that the idea of THE STUDY ROOM was planted. 

In 2015 Kim and Gwen decided to make THE STUDY ROOM a reality. Using both their experience and passion to build an after-school education centre, offering outstanding child skills development training and language training.