Children aged 4 – 5 complete a general assessment in order for The Study Room to gauge their level of basic letter and number understanding. Sessions are 50 minutes long and incorporate skills development in the following academic areas:

The NUMICON program provides FIRM FOUNDATIONS for our young learners. The Numicon shapes are designed to exploit three key strengths of young children, to help them understand numbers. These three strengths are their ability to learn by doing, learn by seeing, and to exploit their strong sense of pattern. The Numicon shapes have been designed for children to manipulate them, to observe and notice, and to explore patterns when using them.
Mathematically, the design of the Numicon Shapes helps chidren to see connections between numbers by manipulating and making connections using the shapes. A key understanding for children is that numbers are not just randomly occurring things, but that they form a highly organized system – which is full of many kinds of patterns.

Throughout the lesson, children participate in activities that involve reading, writing, listening and speaking with a maximum of three other students of similar ability. Children enter the program at one of the below stages of development:

  • Letter sounds
  • Short vowels
  • Long vowels
  • Diagraphs
  • Blends
Your child knows all the above? They are ready for our Rainbow Reading or Writer’s Workshop programs! 
In our FIRM FOUNDATIONS program, children will learn: Recognition and Ordering of Number Shapes, counting and place value Pattern, Order and Sequence Addition and Subtraction Shape, Space and Measures ​